"NEOTOKYO presents ~SUMMER ISLAND 2022~" scheduled to be held on 8/30 (Tue.) to be exclusively live streamed on ABEMA PPV ONLINE!

“NEOTOKYO presents ~SUMMER ISLAND 2022~” will be exclusively live streamed on ABEMA PPV ONLINE!

A new summer live show festival “NEOTOKYO presents ~SUMMER ISLAND 2022~” by ELLY / CrazyBoy from J SOUL BROTHERS III will be exclusively live streamed on ABEMA PPV ONLINE.
At “NEOTOKYO”, apart from the special collaborative entertainment with EXILE SHOKICHI coming back as KING & KING, CrazyBoy’s friends will also appear as special guests.

Be sure to check it out!

“NEOTOKYO presents ~SUMMER ISLAND 2022~”

【Streaming Schedule】
8/30/2022 (Tue.) 18:30~ Start (Live stream start at 18:00)
*“ABEMA Premium” subscribers can watch the rehearsal video at around 17:35 and enjoy the behind-the-scenes videos before and after the live stream.
*Guests will appear as opening acts before the start of the show.

【Sales Period】
8/24/2022 (Wed.) ~ 8/30/2022 (Tue.) 19:00
*You can purchase the tickets even after the start of the live stream. Please note that the live stream of the rehearsal before the show will not be available in the archive.

【Viewing Ticket】
・3,750 ABEMA coins (4,500 yen)
*An extra 370 ABEMA coins (444 yen) will be charged if you make a purchase on the ABEMA app.
・Limited bonus for “ABEMA Premium” subscribers : Bonus video (rehearsal & behind-the-scenes videos recorded before and after the show)
・Bonus for all ticket purchasers : Digital memorable card

*Please check the following page for details about this show.

*The starting time is subject to change due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
*Once tickets have been purchased, no cancellations or requests for refunds will be accepted for reasons other than postponement or cancellation of the show.
*The above information is subject to change without prior notice.
*Catch-up service is not available.
*This program can be enjoyed from overseas (except some countries and regions).
*You can watch the contents of “ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE” after purchasing tickets using “ABEMA coins”. You can purchase “ABEMA coins” on your smartphone app or PC. You cannot make purchases on TV or some tablet PCs.
*The content of “ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE” may not be available on some devices.
It is not available on smartphone browsers or some IPTVs.
It can only be viewed on devices with “PayPerView” on “MY LIST”.
(Please check on the latest version of the app.)
*The live stream will not be available in the archive. You can purchase tickets till 19:00 on the day of the live stream. If you purchase the ticket after show starts, you can enjoy the rest part of the live stream from the time when you make a purchase.
*“ABEMA Premium” subscribers also need to purchase tickets.