【Iwate show on 9/7 (Wed.)】Notice on the schedule and location of goods sales at "RYUJI IMAICHI CONCEPT LIVE 2022 'RILY'S NIGHT'"

Notice on the schedule and location of goods sales
Iwate show on 9/7 (Wed.)

■Date : 9/7 (Wed.)
Sales place : Iwate Prefectural Hall
Sales period : 14:00 ~ about 30 minutes after the end of the show
*Depending on the situation of the line, there is a possibility that sales may end earlier than scheduled or be temporarily suspended. Please understand this beforehand.

■Products for sale
All the products for RILY’S NIGHT
Save Your Neighbor Charity Tin Badge (3-in-1 set)

【Purchase Limit】
Fragrance : up to 2 per person
Bag charm : up to 2 per person
RILY’S NIGHT Local Key Chain : up to 20 per person

【Notice about the sales of tour goods】
・The starting time of the merchandise sales is tentative. Please be advised that the merchandise sales may start earlier or later depending on circumstances on that day.
・Please check your purchased products’ size and quantity, your change, etc. immediately.
Please be advised that products cannot be refunded or exchanged once you leave the sales area.
・Please check the samples of the merchandise and your T-shirt size in the display area at the sales place before you make a purchase at the sales counter.
Please be advised that these samples will not be displayed at the sales counter.
・You will get one plastic bag when you spend more than 10,000 yen in total in a single payment.
Please be advised that you will not get the plastic bag even if the total amount of separate purchases is over 10,000 yen.
You can only get one plastic bag even if you spend much more than 10,000 yen.
The distribution of plastic bags and tote bags may be over once they are out of stock.
In that case, the bags will not be distributed in the future.
・Cash, credit cards, on-line banking (only dbarai payment, PayPay, QUICPay and iD) and EXILE TRIBE gift cards can be used at the special sales area.
Customers who pay by credit cards and on-line banking (dbarai payment, PayPay, QUICPay and iD) need to come to the designated window in the sales area
Payment should be made at a time if customers pay by credit card. There is no such rule if they use on-line banking.
Moreover, if the back of an EXILE TRIBE gift card (silver part) is slightly scratched, even if the characters can be distinguished,
the card may not be accepted in the goods sales area.
・Payment by credit cards, on-line banking (dbarai payment, PayPay, QUICPay and iD) may not be available depending on the signal condition of the venue & terminal.
In that case, you may be asked to pay in cash.
・The merchandise items are provided in a limited quantity and will not be available when they are sold out.
Plus, there are only limited numbers of merchandise items available and will not be available when they are sold out. Since there are many sales counters selling merchandise items, other customers may get the items at nearby sales counters faster.
In this case, the goods you have ordered will become unavailable.
Our sales staff will do their best to hand out the items in time. Please fully understand this before you make a purchase in the sales area.
・The information about sold out products will be announced on the big screen in the venue.
However, since we need time to update the information, please confirm whether the products are out of stock or not in the sales area.
・In order to prevent reselling and buying up, it is prohibited to queue up again to purchase the products.
Our staff members will warn you if they find you engaging in such activities.
・Purchase limit may be changed depending on the stock on the event day.

【About measures against the infection to be taken during the sales of goods】
In the tour venues of RYUJI IMAICHI CONCEPT LIVE 2022 “RILY’S NIGHT”, we will take the following measures against the infection during the sales of goods.
We would like to ask all visitors to understand the following measures and cooperate with us to create a safe environment at the booth since the COVID-19 pandemic is still not under control.

■About measures against the infection to be taken in the sales area of goods
・Staff who sell goods and who guide customers to wait in line will wear masks and disinfect their hands on a regular basis.
In addition, droplet prevention seats will be set up in the sales area. We take sufficient measures to prevent droplets.
・It is a must to wear masks in all areas outside the venue, including the sales area and waiting lines.
・Hand disinfection and temperature checks will be conducted before you enter the sales area. Thank you for your cooperation.
・We will arrange purchase lines and sales counters to ensure enough space between customers.
Please do not gather even around the venue and keep a sufficient distance from others.
・In order to avoid contacts with a large number of unspecified customers, it is prohibited to exchange goods and do other things which require communication and gathering.
・Staff and part-timers will thoroughly follow the prevention measures to do health management, wear masks, disinfect and wash hands before they start to sell goods
・In order to reduce contacts between customers and sales staff, we will use trays in payment and will not give dPOINT. Thank you for your understanding.
Also, customers are encouraged to use cashless payment.
・Please use the pick-up service at the venue to avoid congestion in the goods sales area.

■Notice on purchasing goods at the venue (requirement)
Customers without tickets can purchase the goods from 14:00 to venue opening time & from the performance starting time to about 1.5 hours after the performance starts.
Please check the following notice before you come to purchase the goods.
If you meet any of the following, please refrain from coming to the venue.
・You are tested positive for COVID-19 and instructed to stay at home by your doctor.
・You had close contact with a person tested positive for COVID-19 within the 14 days before the day of the show.
・You have been to countries or regions from the government list of restricted countries or those requiring an observation period after entering Japan in the past 14 days. Moreover, you had close contact with people living in these countries and regions.
・Your family members living with you and close friends are suspected of being infected.
・On the day of the performance, you have a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher after taking your temperature at home before going out. (Your temperature will be checked with a non-contact thermometer and disinfection will be conducted before you enter the goods sales venue.)
・You have symptoms such as cough, languor, runny nose, diarrhea, vomiting, having no taste or smell.
If any of the above applies to you, please refrain from coming to the event.

If you do not follow the notice or do not follow the instructions of the staff on the day of the performance, you may not be allowed to enter the goods sales venue and purchase goods.
Thank you for your cooperation.