【Joint project by EXILE TRIBE CARD×EXILE TRIBE FAMILY】 Invitation to "RILY'S TALK" after RYUJI IMAICHI CONCEPT LIVE 2022 "RILY'S NIGHT (shows in September)!

EXILE TRIBE FAMILY members who hold LDH official credit card “EXILE TRIBE CARD” will be invited to the meet & greet “RILY’S TALK” where you can meet Ryuji Imaichi after the performance of “RYUJI IMAICHI CONCEPT LIVE 2022 ‘RILY’S NIGHT’”!
Please check the following details and notes before applying!

【Designated Shows】
9/7 (Wed.) [Iwate] Iwate Prefectural Hall
9/12 (Mon.) & 9/13 (Tue.) [Tokyo] TOKYO GARDEN THEATER
9/17 (Sat.) [Shizuoka] Shizuoka City Culture Hall Large Hall

*Project’s implementation and application for the performances after the above shows will be announced at a later date.

【Designated Artist】
Ryuji Imaichi

【Number of invitees】
2 invitees per performance

【Content of event】
Invitation to RILY’S TALK after the performance (with handwritten message & autographed thank-you card)

*Both winners and the artist will wear masks.
*We plan to guide multiple winners at the same time to one space. Please note that there will not be 1-on-1 guidance.
*Please note that no memorable photo can be taken.
*Depending on situations, this project is subject to cancellation without prior notice.
*Winning contents are subject to change without prior notice.
*The thank-you card will be handed over on the event day. Please note that we cannot accept any exchanges if it is lost, damaged or soiled.

【Eligible applicants】
Applicants need to meet all the following requirements.
Requirement (1) EXILE TRIBE FAMILY members who have EXILE TRIBE CARD
Requirement (2) Spend at least 70,000 yen (tax included) by EXILE TRIBE CARD within the designated period
*Only EXILE TRIBE CARD members themselves can make applications. Members with family member cards cannot apply.
*Only winners themselves can participate.
*Only members who can come to the event for sure can make applications.

【EXILE TRIBE CARD designated usage period】
2/16/2022 ~ 7/15/2022

【About lottery】
You can apply for the lottery once if you spend at least 70,000 yen (tax included) in the executive office of EXILE TRIBE CARD within the designated period.
*Regardless of the store, all card usage during the period is eligible.
*The payments by the family card and the main member card will be summed up for lottery.
*Please check the actual amount on the members-only page of each credit card company.
*If you have multiple EXILE TRIBE CARDs, applications need to be made based on the amount by each card. The usage amount cannot be added up.

【Application Deadline】
9/4/2022 (Sun.) 23:59

»For other details and applications«