iScream LIVE "i2022"

"i2022" which is iScream's first independent live show
with viewers will be held!


Date Venue Doors open Start Contact us Information
*CL PPV Streaming
14:30 15:00 KYODO TOKYO
TEL : 0570-550-799
(Weekdays 11:00 ~ 18:00 /
Weekends and Holidays 10:00 ~ 18:00)
18:00 18:30
  • *The arrangement of seats will be made in accordance with the regulations of the Government, municipal authorities and the venues.
    └The arrangement of seats and the distance between seats may be changed in accordance with the new measures against COVID-19.
  • *The opening time and starting time are subject to change according to the policies of the Government and the municipal authorities.
  • *Admission tickets will be issued via QuickPASS (electronic stamp ticket / smartphone).
    └You need a smartphone to download tickets. Please refer to 【About QuickPASS (electronic stamp tickets)】 in the notice.
  • *In order to avoid congestion, we will "guide viewers to leave the venue" after the shows end. It may take more time than usual. Thank you for your understanding.
  • *Some parts of the content may be changed depending on circumstances.
  • *Be sure to carefully read the notes on the official homepage of LDH before you purchase tickets.
Live Broadcast Schedule

iScream's live show "i2022" will be streamed on CL on a pay-per-view (PPV) basis! (Only Part 2 will be streamed.)
All of those who purchase the PPV tickets will receive special videos as bonuses! Each of 10 winners selected via lottery will receive an original signed Polaroid photo!!
The keywords of the presents will be published in the live stream. Don't miss out!
The three people have released the long-awaited 1st album this year and completed the release activities.
iScream who celebrate their 1st debut anniversary and keep progressing will hold their first independent live show with viewers for their fans around Japan!
Be sure to check it out!

【Live Broadcast Schedule】
8/17/2022 (Wed.) 18:30 ~ Live stream start

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Ticket Price

Seats unreserved (*printed with reference number)
¥5,500 (ticket price ¥5,000+tax)
¥600 for drinks will be charged separately.

*ticketbook resale service : Not available

【Price for CL PPV Streaming】
¥2,500 (tax included)
*All CL subscribers including free subscribers can purchase the tickets.

Age Limit

Tickets are required for viewers who are 6 years old and older. Viewers under this age cannot enter.
*Childcare service : Not available

Ticket Sales Schedule
CL Premium Advance Ticket Lottery
Application Period

7/12 (Tue.) 15:00 ~ 7/18 (Mon. & Holiday) 23:00
*One person can apply for a maximum of 2 shows and get up to 2 tickets per show.

LDH Girls mobile Advance Ticket Lottery
Application Period

7/20 (Wed.) 15:00 ~ 7/24 (Sun.) 23:00
*One person can apply for a maximum of 2 shows and get up to 2 tickets per show.

Eligible Sites

LDH Girls mobile

  • LDH Girls mobile

Applications for tickets have closed.

*Make application on the eligible site you are a member of.

Advance General Ticket Release

7/25 (Mon.) 15:00 ~ 7/31 (Sun.) 23:00
*One person can apply for a maximum of 2 shows and get up to 2 tickets per show.

CL PPV Streaming
Sales Period

8/1(Mon.)15:00 ~ 8/28(Sun.)23:59
*After the live stream, you can watch it in the archive until 23:59 on 8/28 (Sun.).